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16.The firemen managed to _____ the fire in time.

A.extinguish B.prevent

C.suppress D.ruin


[注释]extinguish(=put out)vt.扑灭(火焰等)。Stop the fire虽然也可以搭配,但按本句题意用extinguish为更佳。

17.What is most obvious in this book are all those details of daily living which make Mrs.Richard _____ common.

A.nothing but B.anything but

C.above all D.rather than

[答案]B.anything but.

[注释]anything but(=far from being)根本不;The boys knew they bad broken the rules,and they were anything but happy when they were called to the office.(=They were unhappy and afraid.)nothing but只不过;Don't have him for a friend;he's nothing but a criminal.(不要把他当朋友,他只不过是个罪犯。)I have nothing but two dollars.(我只有2美元。)above all最重要的。rather than而不是.

18.The car was completely _____ and the driver seriously injured.

A.broken off B.taken off

C.written off D.picked up

[答案]C.written off.[注释]write off报废,参看。

19.On this happy occasion,I'd like to say that we are _____ much obliged to you for your kind cooperation.

A.even so B.ever so

C.as yet D.so far

[答案]B.ever so.

[注释]ever so(=very)非常;It's ever so cold.与名词搭配时则用ever such,如:She's ever such a nice girl.(她是一位非常好的姑娘。)even so(=although that is true,nevertheless;still)即使如此:The fire was out,but even so,the smell of smoke was strong.(=The fire was out,but the smell was still there.)

20.His new appointment takes _____ from the beginning of next month.

A.place B.effect

C.post D.office

[答案]B.effect.[注释]take effect生效。

21.The policeman stopped him when he was driving home and _____ him of speeding.

A.charged B.accused

C.blamed D.deprived


[注释]accuse sb.of...控告某人犯有......,warn sb.of警告、告戒某人有......deprive sb.of sth.剥夺某人某事。charge sb.with murder(指控某人犯有杀人罪)。

22.Mr.Smith gradually _____ a knowledge of the subject.

A.attained B.achieved

C.required D.acquired


[注释]acquired(=gain for oneself by skill or ability,by one's own efforts or behavior)(由技术、能力、努力或行为)获得;得到:He has acquired a good command of English language.(他已精通英语。)achieve,vt.取得(胜利、成功等),实现(目标、目的等)。attain,vt.达到(目的等),取得(成就等):1)I hope you will attain your object.(我希望你会达到你的目的。)2)He attained success through hard work.

23.This is the _____ piano on which the composer created some of his greatest works.

A.actual B.genuine

C.real D.original

[答案]A.actual[注释]本题中actual(=existing in fact,not imaginary)实际使用过的。

actual,read,genuine是同义词,有时可以互换,如:an actual(or real)event in history,(历史上的真实事件),real(or genuine)banknotes(真钞票),其反义词是false(假的);original(原来的),其反义词是duplicate(复制的)。从不同的角度看,似乎任何一个选择都说得过去,但按照题意选A.actual更佳,因为题中强调的不是钢琴的真假,而是指作曲家“实际使用过的”。本题译文:这是作曲家创作他的一些杰出作品时实际使用过的那台钢琴。

24.My camera can be _____ to take pictures in cloudy or sunny conditions.

A.treated B.adopted

C.adjusted D.remedied


[注释]adjust(=arrange,put in order or agreement;make suitable or convenient for use)强调,调节,使适应;The body adjusts itself to change of temperature.(身体能自行调节以适应温度的变化。)My eyes have not been adjusted to dark yet.(我的眼睛还没有适应黑暗。)本句中adjust是不及物动词。I must adjust my watch.It's slow.(我必须调一下我的表。它走得慢了。)

25.According to the psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud,wisdom comes from the _____ of maturity.






[注释]achievement(=something successfully finished or gained especially through skill and hard work)取得,达到,成就。例如:achievement age智力成熟年龄。fulfilment(=the act of fulfilling or condition of being fulfilled)履行,实行。如:He was willing to face any hardship in fulfilment of his duties.(他愿意迎向困难去履行他得职责。)establishment建立,建设。Accomplishment(顺利)完成:It was a great accomplishment to finish the house cleaning in two days.(两天内打扫完这栋屋子是件很了不起的事。)

26.The number of tickets _____ will be determined by the size of the stadium.

A.adaptable B.acceptable

C.advisable D.available


[注释]available.(=capable of being used;that may be obtained)可用的,有效的,可得到的。例如:1)There are no doctors available in the remote areas.(在边远地区没有大夫。)2)There tickets are available for on month.(这些票有效期一个月。)

acceptable可以接受的:None of the suggestions was acceptable.advisable明智的,可取的,适当的:I think it advisable that he be assigned to the job.(我认为指派他干这项工作是可取的。)adaptable能适应的:He is an adaptable man and will soon learn the new work.

27.Too many hotels have been built and this has _____ prices,making holidays cheaper.

A.cut short B.cut out

C.cut off D.cut down

[答案]D.cut down.

28.He is a very honest official and never _____ any gifts from the people who sought his help.

A.accepted B.received

C.took up D.excepted


[注释]receive收到,接到,指“收,接”这一动作;而accept是经过考虑“接受”下来,表示当事人的态度,如:I received the present,but I did not accept it.(我收到了这件礼物,但我没有接受。)

29.He was not _____ to the club because he wasn't a member.

A.allowed B.admitted

C.permitted D.approved


[注释]admit sb.to(=allow sb.or sth.to enter;let in)允许某人某物进入;让......进入:1)Children are not admitted.(儿童免进。)Only one hundred boys are admitted to the school the school every year.(这所学校每年只收100名男生。)admit(=acknowledge;confess)承认,供认:1)We have to admit that he is a highly competent man.(我们不得不承认他是一位能力很强的人。)2)The thief admitted his crime.3)She admitted having read the letter,4)I admit breaking the window.注意admit后可接动名词的一般式或完成式。5)We must admit the task to be difficult。注意admit也可以接复合结构。allow和permit后均可接sb.to do sth.,故不合本题题意。approve sth.批准;approve of doing sth.(=think well of)赞成,赞许:1)I am afraid they won't approve of your going there.(恐怕他们不会赞成你去那里的。)2)I don't approve of your way of looking at things.(我不赞同你看待事情的方法。)

30.Although he doesn't like that law,he will _____ with it.

A.confine B.conform

C.comply D.contend

[答案]C.comply[注释]comply with遵守。



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