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1.There is pressure on the British Government to ____ the number of immigrants permitted to settle in the U.K.

A)confine B)decrease

C)restrain D)limit

2.The tourist is prevented from entering a country if he doesn’t have ______ passport.

A)an operative B)a valid

C)an effective D)an efficient

3.According to the psychoanalyst Signumd Freud,wisdom comes from the ____ of maturity.

A)achievement B)accomplishment

C)fulfilment D)establishment

4.The board of the company has decided to ____ its trade to all parts of the world.

A)enlarge B)expand

C)stretch D)extend

5.Accuracy and preciseness are vital in academic ____.

A)circus B)cycles

C)circles D)circuits

6.In many societies,a person who fails to conform to conventional behavior is likely to be ____ by others.

A)avoided B)neglected

C)retreated D)ignored

7.We are now living in an age where every mind feels the ____ of the new ideas.

A)impact B)impulse

C)impression D)shock

8.John’s news report covering the conference was so ____ that nothing had been omitted.

A)concrete B)integrated

C)comprehensive D)abstract

9.I thought you might be interested to hear about a ____ phenomenon which I had observed.It was really peculiar.

A)revealed B)brilliant

C)scarce D)curious

10.I hope Mrs.Smith will take my recent illness into ____ when judging my examination.

A)account B)regard

C)count D)observation

11.The lawyer asked the witness to ______ the facts just as he remembered them.

A)setting down B)setting out

C)putting across D)putting away

12.____ of money prevented us from finishing the research work this year.

A)Expense B)Lack

C)Limit D)Short

13.Tall-growing crops should be planted where they will not shade or ____ with the growth of smaller crops.

A)interrupt B)interfere

C)disturb D)distract

14.The farmers are more anxious for rain than the people in the city because they have more at ____.

A)danger B)stake

C)loss D)threat

15.The famers in the mountain area bring their ______ to town early each Saturday morning.

A)products B)output

C)manufactures D)produce

16.The lady was detained by the police at the airport because his passport was found to be ____.

A)an artificial one B)an unnatural one

C)an untrue one D)a false one

17.The ____ of the book,with the text on the left and the notes on the right,makes pleasant reading.

A)layout B)system

C)pattern D)style

18.In the long-distance race,Marvin took the lead,and ______ it till the end of the race..

A)obtained B)maintained

C)persisted in D)insisted on

19.Experts say walking is one of the best ways for a person to ______ healthy.

A)preserve B)stay

C)maintain D)reserve

20.It is natural for young people to be critical of their parents ____.

A)at a time B)between time

C)at times D)at the time



1.答案为D。除decrease(减少)外,其它三词都有限制之含义,但重点不同。limit,限制在某个范围内,常和数字连用,表示限制人/物的数目。limit the number of immigrants(限制移民人数)合题意。confine主要用于限制活动,后常跟to。例:A cold confined him to the house.感冒迫使他呆在屋内。restrain重点在抑制,约束;后常跟from。例:You must restrain children from doing mischief.


3.答案为A。achievement(达到,完成)合题意。the achievement of one’s goal(目标的实现);accomplishment完成(任务);fulfillment完成;establishment建成。

4.答案为B。expand常用于扩大再生产,扩大事业,或发展,壮大;enlarge常用于扩大,扩展思想,胸襟;extend重点在延伸,用于扩大影响、知识面等。例:Reading can enlarge our views.读书能扩大人的视野。This country extended its power and influence into neighboring countries.这个将其势力和影响扩展到邻国。这里是扩大(发展)贸易,要求用expand。

5.答案为C。circle(具有共同兴趣或利益的人们所形成的)圈子,集团。如:文化,学术,戏剧,商界(cultural,academic,theatrical,business circles),circus马戏团;cycle周期;circuit线路。



8.答案为C。comprehensive(全面的)和nothing had been omitted相照应,合题意。句子译文:约翰有关会议的新闻报道是那么全面,没有什么遗漏的。concrete具体的,有形的;integrated合为一体的,完整的;abstract抽象的,难懂的。


10.答案为A。to take sth.into account是固定搭配:把…考虑在内,故A符合句意。

11.答案为A。set down写下,记下;set out出发,宣布;put across解释清楚;put away放开,抛弃。

12.答案为B。lack of(money)和short of(money)都是缺乏,短缺,short of是形容词短语不能作主语。例:Short of tools,we made our own.缺少工具,我们自己造。Lack of是名词短语,可作主语。例:Lack of a fire on the house made him cold.


14.答案为B。at stake固定搭配,意为“濒临危现”。句子译文:农民比城里人更渴望下雨,因为这和他们的切身利害更有关系。其它三个词,都不能和at搭配。




18.答案为B。maintain维持,保持;maintain the lead保持领先地位;persist in doing sth坚持做某事;insist on…坚诀要求,坚持。

19.答案为B。四各选择项中除stay之外,都是及物动词,后面要带宾语。stay可作系动词,stay healthy保持健康。preserve保存,保护,维持;reserve保留,延缓。

20.答案为C。at times有时,偶尔;at a time每次,一次;没有between time的搭配,只有between times时时,偶尔;at the time不是固定搭配,意思是“在那时”。



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