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The young people who talk of the village as being"dead"are talking nothing but nonsense,as in their hearts they must surely know.

No,the village is not dead.There is more life in it now than there ever was.But it seems that"village life"is dead.Gone for ever.It began to decline about a hundred years ago.When many girls left home to go into service in town many miles away,and men also left home in increasing numbers in search of work,and home was where work was.There are still a number of people alive today who can remember what"village life"meant in the early years of the present century.It meant finding your entertainment in the village of within walking distance of it.It meant housewives tied to the home all day and every day.It meant going to bed early to save lamp-oil and coal.

Then came the First World War and the Second World War.(54)After each war,new ideas,new attitudes,new trades and occupations were revealed to villagers.The long-established order of society was no longer taken for granted.Electricity and the motorcar were steadily operating to make"village life"and"town life"almost alike.Now with the highly-developed science and technology and high-level social welfare for all,there is no point whatever in talking any longer about"village

life."It is just a life,and a better life.

Finally,if we have any doubts about the future,or about the many changes which we have seen in our lives,we have only to look in at the school playground any mid-morning;or see the children as they walk homeward in little groups.Obviously the children are better fed,better clothed,better educated,healthier,prettier and happier than any generation of children that ever before walked the village street.

31.By saying that village is not dead,but"village life"is dead,the writer suggests that __________.

A.those young people who talk of the village as being"dead"are wrong

B.the two statements are against each otherC."village life"today is rather uninteresting

D."village life"today is no longer like what it used to be



32.It was__________that"village life"began to take a sharp turn.

A.about a century ago

B.during the two world wars

C.with electricity and motorcars introduced into the village

D.only recently



33.As is suggested in paragraph 2,villagers in the past__________.

A.lived a simpler life than villagers today

B.knew fewer people than villagers today

C.found it difficult to enjoy themselves

D.liked to wash themselves with cold water




34.The expression"...there is no point whatever in talking about..."in paragraph 3 means that__________.

A.there is no end to the talking about...

B.it is harmful to talk about...

C.it is not meaningless to talk about...

D.there is no reason for talking about...




35.From the passage we can see that the writer's attitude toward"village life"is __________.







Hillary Rodham Clinton released the first television spot of her Senate campaign this morning,a 30-minute commercial that will begin airing statewide on Thursday.The spot,titled"First",uses numerous still photos to highlight landmarks in Mrs.Clinton's career,while the voiceover says she is"more than a first lady."

There is no mention of Mrs.Clinton's rival forNew York's Senate seat,New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.

Clinton campaign spokesman Howard Wolfson said the ad was"positive"and"biographical",instead of focusing on the first lady's opponent.

Mrs.Clinton has previously aired radio ads,but has generally stayed with a strategy of making extensive campaign appearances instead of using television spots,while Giuliani has already run statewide TV ads.

Text of Hillary Commercial:

First she became a lawyer,named one of the top hundred inAmerica.

Her first cause was children,fighting abuse and chairing the board of the Children's Defense Fund.

(55)Her first priority was public schools,helping to establish teacher testing.

More than a first lady.For 30 years,she's fought for children and families.

AsNew York's senator,she'l 1 fight for better schools and heath care for children.

Hillary.Put her to work for all of us.

36.What does the word"air"in the first sentence mean?







37.What does"more than a first lady"in the first paragraph suggest?

A.Hillary is not a first lady

B.Hillary does much more than what a first lady is expected to do

C.There are more women inAmerica who does better than Hillary does

D.Hillary is doing better than her husband.



38.Which of the following statement is TRUE regarding the Senator campaign according the passage?

A.Hillary has appeared on TV shot for numerous times

B.Hillary rarely makes her public appearance

C.Giuliani has made TV advertisement for himself

D.Hillary has a bigger chance to win the campaign



39.Hillary's campaign focuses on all the following except

A.children's health care

B.school education for children

C.combating child abuse

D.family planning pohcy



40.Which of the following can best serve as the tide of this passage?

A.First Lady's Senator Campaign

B.Hillary's.TV Advertisement

C.A Rivalry forNew York's Senate Seat

D.The Focuses of Hillary Campaign





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